Video Lectures
S.No.Academic YearCourse CodeCourse NameInnovative Teaching Method Lecture LinkWeb Link
1CAY - 2023 - 24CS18019Social Network EngineeringSemantic Web in SNEClick to Video
2CAY - 2023 - 24CS18003Data AnalyticsEvolution of Analytics and ScalabilityClick to Video
3CAY - 2023 - 24CS18009Internet of Things and its applicationsPhysical Design of IOT and its architectureClick to Video
4CAY - 2023 - 24CS18702Cyber Security and Ethical HackingSecurity Principles and EncryptionClick to Video
5CAY - 2023 - 24AD18701Compiler Design TechniquesPhases of Compiler - The Grouping of Phases Click to Video
6CAY - 2023 - 24AD18005Bitcoin and Blockchain TechnologyDistributed Hash TableClick to Video
7CAY - 2023 - 24CS18701Cloud Computing and Virtualization TechniquesService Models for Distributed and Cloud computingClick to Video
8CAY - 2023 - 24CS18501User Interface TechnologiesWeb BrowserClick to Video
9CAY - 2023 - 24IT18502Mobile ComputingDesign Considerations for Mobile computingClick to Video
10CAY - 2023 - 24CS18502Datamining and Data warehousingConceptual Modeling of DataWareHouseClick to Video
11CAY - 2023 - 24CS18503Theory of ComputationNon Deterministic Finite AutomataClick to Video
12CAY - 2023 - 24AD18501Deep Learning Algorithms and ArchitecturesLogistic RegressionClick to Video
13CAYm2 - 2021-22CS18302Database Management SystemsRelational AlgebraClick to Video
14CAYm2 - 2021-22OE18509Python ProgrammingIntroduction to input and outputClick to Video
15CAYm2 - 2021-22OE18509Python ProgrammingFunctionsClick to Video
16CAYm2 - 2021-22OE18509Python ProgrammingFunctions and PackagesClick to Video
17CAYm2 - 2021-22CS18503Theory of ComputationContext Free LanguagesClick to Video
18CAYm2 - 2021-22CS18503Theory of ComputationContext Free GrammarClick to Video
19CAYm2 - 2021-22CS18301Data StructuresShell SortClick to Video
20CAYm2 - 2021-22CS18301Data StructuresSplay TreesClick to Video
21CAYm2 - 2021-22CS18501User Interface TechnologiesMongo DBClick to Video
22CAYm2 - 2021-22CS18009Internet of Things and its applicationsIntroductionClick to Video
23CAYm3 - 2020-2021CS18405Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsGraham ScanClick to Video
24CAYm3 - 2020-2021CS18405Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsMaster MethodClick to Video
25CAYm3 - 2020-2021CS18405Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsAsymptotic NotationsClick to Video
26CAYm3 - 2020-2021CS18403Computer NetworksOSI ModelClick to Video
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