Association of Computing Machinery, Student Chapter

     SVCE ACM Student Chapter was set up by students of CSE department under the guidance of ACM Student Chapter faculty coordinator. It was officially chartered by ACM New York on 26th August 2011. ACM is an international organization whose aim is "Advancing computing as a science and profession". A team of 26 enthusiastic students from the Department took the initiative to set up this chapter. The official launch was on 22nd September 2011. SVCE ACM student chapter was set up to facilitate all activities which aim at spreading quality computing education by setting up learning groups, organizing seminars, conducting workshops, facilitating contests and so on.



     The SVCE ACM student chapter aims to provide an opportunity for students from different walks of life to compete and tackle problems in an effective manner. As one of the well-known institutions inside the college, we aim to bolster student skills from both a professional and personal point of view by organising events like Hackathons, workshops and quizzes. As we set foot into our seventh successful year, we aim to maintain the high standards set by our predecessors by organising events intertwined with fun and frolic, for we believe in: "Simplicity, carried to the extreme, becomes elegance".

     Organizing technical events intertwined with loads of fun filled challenges is our forte. Our wide variety of events boosts both 'competing by learning' as well as 'learning by competing'! Participating in our events helps you take a step towards success, and thereby guides you to make your path towards success an interesting one rather than a difficult one.

ACADEMIC YEAR 2022 - 2023

Coordinator : Dr. R. Anitha, Professor & Head/CSE
Co-coordinator: Mr. T. Rajasekaran, AP/CSE
ChairMr. Nikhilesh S
Vice ChairMs. Sandhya V
SecretaryMr.Pranav DS
Membership ChairMs. Madhumita R
TreasurerMr.Nithish Kumar B
WebmasterMr. Poujhit MU
ACM-W ChairMs. Madhumita R
ACM-W Vice ChairMs. eha Bhende
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ACADEMIC YEAR 2021 - 2022

Coordinator : Dr. R. Anitha, Professor & Head/CSE
Co-coordinator: Mr. T. Rajasekaran, AP/CSE
ChairMr. Vishal Pranav M T
Vice ChairMr. Dhiraj V
SecretaryMr.S Nikhilesh
Membership ChairMs. Sandhya V
TreasurerMr. S Ashwin
Creative/Marketing LeadMr. Benita Majo C
WebmasterMr. Sree Vishal R
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ACADEMIC YEAR 2020 - 2021

Coordinator : Dr. R. Anitha, Professor & Head/CSE
Co-coordinator: Mr. T. Rajasekaran, AP/CSE
ChairMr. Krishnakanth Alagiri
Vice ChairMs. Mahalakshumi V
SecretaryMs. Pojaa Ramesh
Membership ChairMr. Dhiraj V
TreasurerMr. Ajay Krishnan
ACM-W ChairMs. Sai Janani S
ACM-W Vice ChairMs. Dhivya B G
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Coordinator : Dr. R. Anitha, Professor & Head/CSE
Co-coordinator: Mr. T. Rajasekaran, AP/CSE
ChairMs.Aishwarya Avudaiappan
Vice ChairMr.Anaikar Mohamed Anan
SecretaryMs.Harini Ashok
Membership ChairMr.Krishnakanth Alagiri
TreasurerMr.Anirudh R
ACM-W ChairMs.Adela Florence
ACM-W Vice ChairMs.Sai Janani S
ACM-W Co-Vice Chair Ms.Deekshitha
Team Head: AcademicsMs.Mahalakshumi V
Team Head: MediaMs.Aprajitha S
Team Head: WebMr.Yuvaraj J
Team Head: EventsMr.Kaushik Girirajan

     SVCE-ACM Students Chapter Inauguration: Conducted on 16th August, 2019. The 16th of August, 2019, marked the inauguration of the ACM SVCE Student Chapter for the academic year 2019 - 2020. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Chandrasekhar Balasubramanian, Business Head of Futurnet, who create interest among the audience with realistic business strategies that are very much essential to thrive in the corporate world.


     ACM- Women chapter has organized a workshop on "Web development" especially for Women students of the department on 09/09/2019 by SVCE-ACM Students chapter members.

     The Ideathon: Conducted on 03/09/2019. Great innovations are obtained from great ideas. We conducted the ideathon competition where about 15 Teams of nearly 70 Students from all corners of the college presented their ideas. All the ideas were judged by reputed faculties at our institution. This event served as a platform for people to show out their ideas, get valuable suggestions and reviews from the judges and spectators as well as served as a stepping stone to start building the ideas as completed products.

     Yet Another Hackathon!-2k'19-Hackathons are where crazy ideas turn into reality. In collaboration with SVCE alumni association and SVCE-ACM Students chapter organized a national level 24 hours hackathon on 21/09/2019 to 22/09/2019 at The COVE, Chennai. Industrial Experts namely, Mr.Srivatsan Padmanabhan, Director, Accenture Technology Solutions, Mr.Parivalanmanoharan, Exeter Technolgies, Mr.Russo Tamilarasan, Wipro Technologies are arrived as a chief guests and acted as a jury members.


     ACM Organized Interrupt-Mindspar a technical event held on 25-09-2019, where the jury members are from Hatch School of Code, who facilitate the event and selects the winner of the event.

     ASS-G runs weekly workshops for students from all departments across the college to equip them with Advanced Python Development skills for their career ability. Our net participation count is 300 students.


     ACM Students chapter organized Hour of code is a technical coding event conducted for our department students in the aim of improving the coding skills of the students which is held on 10/12/19.

     A "December of Algorithms" is an initiative by the SVCE ACM Student Chapter to allow people to commit to coding regularly. The goal is for participants to complete 31 algorithms within a span of 31 days. It is conducted in the month of December 2019.

     ACM-W "Technophilia" is a technical event specifically for Women students of our department which is held on 24/01/2020.

     SVCE-ACM student's chapter has organized a "Git workshop" on 25/02/2020 for our CSE department students.

     SVCE-ACM student's chapter has organized "IoT and Machine Learning" Workshop on 09/03/2020 & 12/03/2020. The participants were mostly from the Automobile and Mechanical Backgrounds who shows their interest towards in learning algorithms.

     SVCE-ACM student's chapter has organized CodeStorm-2020 on 03/03/2020 which is a programming competition for all SVCE students aimed at creating a healthy and competitive atmosphere for students to showcase their specialized skills.

     SVCE-ACM student's chapter has organized Final Destination which is an open discussion with the first, second and third years concerning higher education prospects, on-campus job placements and developing new skill sets for the Tech Industry. SVCE-ACM members have benefited nearly 400 students with everything from resume advice and acing their interviews to selecting universities and preparing for the GRE. It is held on 07/03/2020.

     SVCE-ACM student's chapter has organized Techno Fair a technical event which is held on 11/03/2020 exclusively for women of all departments with a total of 100 participants. The preliminary round was Deciphering the Code. The final round was a rapid-fire quiz round where participants had to answers questions that are based on successful tech-moguls, predicting program outputs etc.

     SVCE-ACM Student Chapter has organized a college level debate event called DISRUPT on 28-03-2020.

     SVCE-ACM has organized a three days online designing event called Design Jam 1.0 from 06-04-2020 to 08-04-2020.

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List of Office Bearers for SVCE-ACM 2018-19

Coordinator : Dr. R. Anitha, Professor & Head/CSE
Co-coordinator: Mr. T. Rajasekaran, AP/CSE



     1. Inaugration of the SVCE ACM STUDENT CHAPTER for the academic year 2018-19 was held on July 16th 2018. The chief guest for the event was Mr.Vaidyanathan Krishnamoorthy, Vice President and Head of Insurance Cognitive Business Operations of Tata Consultancy Services, Daytona, New Jersey. He gave valuable tips for developing entrepreneurial skills and provided an insight into the various business strategies with an interactive session.
2. Yet Another Hackathon Y.A.H 2k18, a National level 24-hour hackathon organised by SVCE ACM STUDENT CHAPTER and SVCE Alumini Association was held on 18th and 19th of August 2018 at ASCENDAS IT PARK with the aim to encourage teams to transpire innovative ideas that help shape a better future whilst developing team coordination skills.



     1. Inauguration of ACM on 25th July, 2017 for the academic year 2017-2018. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr Rajesh Padmanabhan, Founder and CEO of NFN Labs, who enthused the audience with a realistic but motivating outlook on life, technology and entrepreneurial spirit.

     2. Game of Codes event held on 4th August, 2017 with the aim of providing student-sourced guidance to other students on attainingmaximum success in placement interviews.

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List of Office Bearers for SVCE-ACM 2017-18

Coordinator : Dr. R. Anitha, Professor & Head/CSE
Co-coordinator: Mr. T. Rajasekaran, AP/CSE
Laksh KhanterChairIVB
Naresh SingaraveluVice-ChairIVB
Mathangi.SJoint SecretaryIVB
Dipika RajeshMember ChairIVA
Sri VardhamananWebMasterIIIC
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