Organisation with which MoU is signed Year of signing MoU Duration List the actual activities under each MoU year wise Number of Faculty/Students participated under MoUs
Write IT Solutions 2017 36 Months i) Guidance of senior personnel from the company for UG/PG students projec work
ii) Training to CS Faculty in curriculim design of Autonomous subjects, Hands on experience on tools.
iii) Assistance for modern laboratory setup.
iv) Associates from company may help the institution by delivering guest lectures, workshops and handle few subjects as identified by SVCE.
v) Viable students' projects / Consultancy services of commercial value will be marketed by WtireII solutions subject to entering into a separate aggrement.
vi) WriteIT solutions will conduct value added courses and workshops. Students certified thorugh courses will be identified for placements.
Dr.R.Anitha , HoD/CS
Dr.V.Vidhya, HoD i/c-IT
Mr.T.Rajasekaran, AP/CS
Mr.T.Sukumar, AP/IT
Infosys 2017 24 Months i) Create a project bank for final year students.
ii) Publish Infosys courseware on the web and provide access.
iii) Conducting special lectures for students at campuses.
iv) Participate in conferences at the national/international level in the college/seminars/contests.
v) Increase employability by providing technical and soft skills training.
vi) Encouraging the students to visit Infosys campuses.
vii) Sharing Industry oriented-Courseware and Technology.
viii) Faculty Enablement program.
ix) Sabbaticals at Infosys.
x) Interaction with subjet matter experts.
xi) Share best-in-class standards (a) College-college (b) Industry-college.
xii) Books/CD’s/DVD’s etc for the library.
xiii) Strengthen relationship with Universities/Colleges.
xiv) Work with education bodies / Universities to align the industry requirements into the college curriculum.
DR.Ganesh Vaidyanathan
ITMR 2017 36 Months i) To organize short programs, Seminars & Workshops jointly with SVCE, exclusively for SVCE Students
ii) To provide opportunities for the engineering students of the college to undergo industrial trainings, implant visits and take up project works.
iii) To propose programming problems to SVCE and issue completion certificates to members of the team along bearing the logo of both the parties.
iv) ITMR retains the generated program code(s) for further analysis.
Dr. P.Janarthanan,
Mr.K.Srinivasan and
Pre-Final Year Students
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