Funded Projects And Patents
Funds From External Agencies:

1.Dr.G.A.Sathish Kumar, Professor of EC Department received Rs 13.32 lakhs funds from ISRO under the RESPOND scheme for the project "Design and Development of Key exchange mechanism for high security Applications" for a period of two years.

2.Dr.R.Gayathri,Associate Professor of EC Department received funding of Rs 9.10 lakhs for the project tiltled "Design and implementation of high performance Hyperspectral target detection system using FPGA" from ISRO during 2017 to 2019.

3.Dr.H.Umma Habiba, Professor of EC Department received a research grant of Rs 20.94 lakhs from Indian Space Research Organization, (ISRO), Bangalore, under the Respond Scheme for a period of two years.The title of the project is Ku-Band Tx/Rx Transportable Reflect Array Antenna for Satellite Communication.

Patents Filed

👉Dr.P.Jothilakshmi, Mr.S.Saravana Yogesh, Mr.Z.Sheikh Nizamudeen, Mr.R.R.Rajashekhar, Mrs.B.Hemalatha and Mrs.C.Gomatheeswari Preethika, filed a Indian patent titled Juliflora Demolishing Rover (JDR), Patent application number 201941018355 on 08.05.2019.


👉Patent Filed Dr. S. Muthukumar, Professor and Head/EC filed a patent titled "Instant Electronic call informer Device" on 4.5.2018, IPR, Chennai.

👉 Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Antenna for Satellite Applications Indian Patent Filed with Mrs.B.Hemalatha (2018) Patent 201841019573 dated 25/05/2018 and published in 08/03/2019 The Patent Office Journal No. 10/2019 Dated 08/03/2019

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