Academic Year 2018 - 2019

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Title of the Project

Name of the supervisor with Designation

Amount sanctioned

Ms.K. Meena, M.E (Communication Systems) 2019-2020

Chaotic maps and image based crypto system

Dr G A Satheesh Kumar,Professor

Rs.8.000/-(Rupees Eight Thousand only)

Mr D.Senthamarai Kannan


Mr. M.Vijay

(UG Final Year) 2018-2019

Deep learning for automatic stereotypical motor movement detection using wearable sensors in autism spectrum disorders

Ms.K.S.Subhashini,Assistant Professor

Rs.10.000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand only)

Ms.E.S. Lakshmi, M.E (Communication Systems)2018-2019

Design and implementation of a frequency, pattern and polarization reconfigurable antenna for cognitive radio application.

Dr.P.Jothilakshm, Professor

Rs.10.000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand only)

Ms. Indhuja. V and Ms.Ashika. C (UG Final Year), 2017-2018

Automatic capturing technique of a bead cheker machine using vision system.

Ms. M. Anushya,Assistant Professor

Rs.10.000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand only)

Ms.R. Chandralekha, M.E. (Communication Systems)2017-2018

Design and development of Transmit/Receive Reflect Array Antenna for emergency communication

Dr.H.Umma Habiba, Professor

Rs.10.000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only)

Ms. P. Subha, M.E. (Applied Electronics)2017-2018

Human Gesture recognition for IOT based Application

Dr.S.Muthukumar, Professor & HOD Department of EC

Rs.10.000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only)

Ms.K. Jothilakshmi,M.E.(Communication Systems)2016-2017

Implementation of Low mass multilayer body worn antenna for WBAN Medical applications

Dr.P.Jothilakshmi, Professor

Rs.10.000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only)

Mr.Nadar James Francis Joseph Roy, M.E. (Applied Electronics) 2016-2017

Folded VLSI Architecture for adaptive digital filter used in echo cancellation

Dr.S.R.Malathi, Associate Professor

Rs.10.000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand only)

Ms.S. Keerthipriya, Mr. L. Naveed Ahmed and Mr. T.V.Prashanth (UG Final Year), 2016-2017

Gesticulation Based Smart surface with enhanced Biometric security using raspberry Pi.

Dr.R.Gayathri, Associate Professor

Rs.10.000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand only)

Ms.Chaarmeli M,Ms.Brrindha A and Ms.Jayasri A M (Final Year), 2015-2016

Design and Implementation Of Software Defined Radio

Ms.G.Padmavathi, Professor

Rs.10.000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand only)

Mr.Ramkumar.V, M.E.(Communication Systems)2014-2015

Human Body Analysis And Performance Enhancement Of Wearable Microstrip Patch Antenna Array Using Textile Substrate.

Ms.P.Jothilakshmi,Assistant Professor

Rs.10.000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand only)

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