The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Club (RAIC) was established in the year 2019, exclusively for the students of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. RAIC is now open to students of all departments from the academic year 2023-2024 due to the overwhelming response from the students. The primary goal of RAIC is to offer hands-on exposure in the fields of IoT, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence, along with providing guidance and learning support to the student community. Our mission is to foster a community of enthusiastic individuals who share a common interest in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Through a peer mentorship program, participants receive comprehensive training lasting 60 hours. This training starts from basic electronics and progresses to projects such as line follower robots and robotic automation, thereby equipping students with industry-ready skills. Ultimately, the RAIC aims to empower its members and volunteers with practical skills that are relevant to the industry and to encourage continuous lifelong learning.

Office Bearers List (2023-2024)

PresidentGaneshan HIV Year ECE A
Vice-PresidentSnehalatha MIV Year ECE C
Senior MentorRajit HIV Year ECE C
SecretarySnekaa RIII Year ECE C
MentorsKavitha SIII Year ECE B
Kiran SekarIII Year ECE B
Nandhanan RIII Year ECE B
Parvesh RIII Year ECE B
Ram SolaiappanIII Year ECE B
Saambavi P UIII Year ECE B
Joint Secretary
Adarsh SII Year ECE A
Ramanathan MII Year ECE B
Vasantha Vidhya P VII Year ECE C

RAIC Activities

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