Research Scholars


S. NoName of the ScholarRegistration NumberMonth & Year of RegistrationTopic of the researchPT/FT [I-Internal; E-External]Name of the SupervisorGuide Allotment Letter
1K. S. Subhashini1425499254Jan-2014A context aware framework for personalized health care - The proposed research framework would aim to detect anomalies and also predict trends in behavioral changes in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).PT(I)DR. S. GANESH VAIDYANATHANClick Here
2R. Bhuvaneshwari1414499818Jul-2015A Novel Representation Learning for Classification of Non-Proliferative Diabetic retinopathy using Deep Learning Techniques.PT(I)DR. S. GANESH VAIDYANATHANClick Here
3G. Gurumoorthy1415499718Jul-2015To detect the digestive system disorder at earlier stage by non-invasive diagnosis using electrogastrogram.PT(E)DR. S. GANESH VAIDYANATHANClick Here
4D. Menaka1524499526Jul-2015Development of algorithms for automated human chromosome analysis by means of using CNN architecture with good classification accuracy.PT(I)DR. S. GANESH VAIDYANATHANClick Here
5P. Sharon Femi1524499987Jul-2015Detection of outliers using ensemble modelsPT(I)DR. S. GANESH VAIDYANATHANClick Here
6A. Kala1524499985Jul-2015Monthly precipitation forecasting using time series modelPT(I)DR. S. GANESH VAIDYANATHANClick Here
7S. Sivagnana Subramanian1512499504Jul-2015Performance analysis of machine learning based object detection and recognition algorithms for real time applications under non-stationary environmentPT(I)DR. S. GANESH VAIDYANATHANClick Here
8Ms.V. Rajalakshmi1524499420Jul-2015Traffic flow prediction using time series forecasting modelsPT(I)DR. S. GANESH VAIDYANATHANClick Here
9S. Kalyani1625499116Jan-2016To develop a model to transliterate named entity from one language to another using machine learning algorithms.PT(I)DR. S. GANESH VAIDYANATHANClick Here
10L. Anju1625499115Jan-2016To develop an automatic system to identify and interpret the avian species based on acoustic input signals using machine learning algorithms.PT(I)DR. S. GANESH VAIDYANATHANClick Here
11M. Vidya16224997205Jul-2016Aims at analysing disordered speech signal and developing a model for recognitionPT(I)DR. S. GANESH VAIDYANATHANClick Here
12K. Krithika Devi1524499379Jul-2015A Hybrid Approach of Mining in Heterogeneous Information NetworksPT(I)DR. G. A. SATHISH KUMARClick Here
13P. Leela Rani1524499378Jul-2015Anomaly Detection Scheme using Deep Learning Approaches on sensor DataPT(I)DR. G. A. SATHISH KUMARClick Here
14M. Manimara Boopathy1514499405Jul-2015Realization of all-optical multiplexer–demultiplexerPT(E)DR. G. A. SATHISH KUMARClick Here
15M. Suresh Kumar1513499946Jul-2015Trust aware optimal intrusion detection in wireless sensor networkPT(I)DR. G. A. SATHISH KUMARClick Here
16M. Babu1514499977Jul-2015Design of Faster SMS4 Crypto SystemPT(E)DR. G. A. SATHISH KUMARClick Here
17C. T. Poomagal1524499573Jul-2015Multi level key exchanage using ECC and SIDH protocolFTDR. G. A. SATHISH KUMARClick Here
18B. T. Shobana1524499417Jul-2015An intelligent Multiple choice assessment tool to evaluate the real knowledge acquisition level of learnersPT(I)DR. G. A. SATHISH KUMARClick Here
19J. Jency Rubia1624499112Jan-2016Development of novel method for high speed MACFTDR. G. A. SATHISH KUMARClick Here
20R. Kousalya1624499237Jan-2016SPN based Light-Weight Cryptographic AlgorithmPT(I)DR. G. A. SATHISH KUMARClick Here
21B. Sarala1624499241Jan-2016An Efficient Architecture of AES Encrypt/Decrypt Algorithm for security applicationsPT(I)DR. G. A. SATHISH KUMARClick Here
22S. R. Balasubramanian1415499718July-2014OFDM based performance evaluation in various channel conditionPT(I)Dr. N. KUMARATHARANClick Here
23V. P. SreekanthaKumar1512499245July-2015Evaluation of LEACH based wireless sensor networks and its performance analysisPT(E)Dr. N. KUMARATHARANClick Here
24J. Dhanancheziyan16134997340July-2016Performance enhancement of MC-CDMA system through MAP based MUDPT(E)Dr. N. KUMARATHARANClick Here
25Vinayagam P1614499451July-2016QoS maintanence in LTE and LTE advanced networksPT(E)Dr. N. KUMARATHARANClick Here
26Dhanasekaran K16144997228July-2016The transmission of data in an open access environment with novel steganographic system to reinforce for invisibility of stego image, security level and embedding capability.PT(E)Dr. N. KUMARATHARANClick Here
27Vimal V R17154991117July-2017Novel Subspace Method For Precise CFO Estimation in Multicarrier Modulation Scheme Under Multiuser EnvironmentPT(E)Dr. N. KUMARATHARANClick Here
28Padmapriya N18294991462July-2019To develop a higher security and lesser energy efficient WSN with QoS requirements.PT(E)Dr. N. KUMARATHARANClick Here
29Sindhu T S19244997104July-2019Brain Tumor detection and segmentaion on MRI Images.PT(E)Dr. N. KUMARATHARANClick Here
30Gayathri R19254997242July-2019To explore the applications of machine learning algorithms in various tasks of Wireless Sensor Networks to improve the energy conservation and effective bandwidth utilization.PT(I)Dr. N. KUMARATHARANClick Here
31S. Senthil Rajan1414499818July-2014Design & Analysis of Millimeter Wave Filter Using Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) and Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) StructuresPT(I)DR. P. JOTHILAKSHMIClick Here
32K. Srividhya1525499510July-2015Design and development of MIMO antenna for wireless applicationPT(I)DR. P. JOTHILAKSHMIClick Here
33Hemalatha.B17244991147July-2017Design and implementation of a class of Reconfigurable Antenna for Cognitive Radio ApplicationPT(I)DR. P. JOTHILAKSHMIClick Here
34Varnikha.N17244991335July-2017Design and implementation of fractal Antenna for Satallite ApplicationsPT(E)DR. P. JOTHILAKSHMIClick Here
35Sivakumar A17134991245July-2017Design and Implementation of Microstrip Patch Antenna Array for Multi-Service Wireless CommunicationPT(E)DR. P. JOTHILAKSHMIClick Here
36Sivabalan.A17134991460July-2017Ingestible Antenna Design and characterization for Medical ApplicationsPT(E)DR. P. JOTHILAKSHMIClick Here
37Monica.J17244997131July-2017Design and implementation of Conformal antennas for Aircraft ApplicationFTDR. P. JOTHILAKSHMIClick Here
38Mohanasundaram.R18144991283July-2018Design and Implementation of Phased array antenna for X-Band Satellite CommunicationPT(E)DR. P. JOTHILAKSHMIClick Here
39Chinnammal V20254991179January-2020Design and Analysis of High gain Microstrip patch antenna for Satellite CommunicationPT(E)DR. P. JOTHILAKSHMIClick Here
40C Gomatheeswari Preethika21234997216July-2021Implementation of Ku-band Reflectarray Antenna for Satellite CommunicationsPT(I)DR. P. JOTHILAKSHMIClick Here
41N. Sathish21153997241July-2021An Efficient Machine Learning based Localisation for Underwater Wireless Sensor NetworksPT(I)DR. P. JOTHILAKSHMIClick Here
42G. Akila16244997127July-2016Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Scene Classification of High Resolution Remote Sensing ImagesPT(E)DR. R. GAYATHRIClick Here
43C. Sherin Shibi16244997236July-2016Performance Analysis of Hyperspectral Supervised Target Detection AlgorithmsFTDR. R. GAYATHRIClick Here
44P. R. Buvaneswari16244997282July-2016MRI image processing on Aizheimer Disease classificationPT(E)DR. R. GAYATHRIClick Here
45Kavitha.M16293997288July-2016Hyperspectral Image classification using Convolution Neural Networks for vegetation analysisFTDR. R. GAYATHRIClick Here
46Srinath.R17154991110January-2017Detection and Diagnoising of Epilepsy using Machine Learning/ Deep Learning ApproachesPT(E)DR. R. GAYATHRIClick Here
47Sheriff.M17183991102Jan-2017An Efficient Boosting Algorithm for ADHD Diagnosis using Functional and Structural MRIPT(E)DR. R. GAYATHRIClick Here
48Babitha Lincy R17244991486Jan-2017Optimally Configured Convolutional Neural Network for Tamil Handwritten Character RecognitionFTDR. R. GAYATHRIClick Here
49Mehzabeen S M17284991149Jan-2017Flood Mapping Technique using High Resolution Satellite ImagesPT(I)DR. R. GAYATHRIClick Here
50S.Senthil Rajan1414499818Jul-2014Design and Analysis of Millimeter Wave Filter using Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) and EBG StructuresPT(I)DR. H. UMMA HABIBA (Supervisor Resigned May-2020)Click Here
51A.Kayalvizhi1524499124Jan-2015Design of wideband integrated structure of band pass filter with symmetric high skirt selectivityPT(E)DR. H. UMMA HABIBA (Supervisor Resigned May-2020)Click Here
52C.Abdul Rahman1518499337Dec-2015RF Energy Harvesting System using Multiband Rectenna for Low Power ApplicationPT(E)DR. H. UMMA HABIBA (Supervisor Resigned May-2020)Click Here
53K.Mohammed Ibrahim1518399815Jul-2015A Substrate Integrated Waveguide based UWB Filter for Vehicular Radar SystemFTDR. H. UMMA HABIBA (Supervisor Resigned May-2020)Click Here
54Srividhya.K1525499518July-2015Design and Analysis of Compact Dual Feed Coradiator MIMO AntennaPT(I)DR. H. UMMA HABIBA (Supervisor Resigned May-2020)Click Here
55Jannet Gnana Shirley.J.P1624499398Jan-2016Design and Analysis of Multiband BPF with Simultaneous Size Reduction and Spurious Response SuppressionFTDR. H. UMMA HABIBA (Supervisor Resigned May-2020)Click Here
56Sandhya.R1624499387July-2016Design and Investigation of High Performance Filter for Wireless ApplicationsFTDR. H. UMMA HABIBA (Supervisor Resigned May-2020)Click Here
57Viwin Singh Y16144997356July-2016Multiband Rectenna Energy Harvesting System for Remote Area ApplicationsFTDR. H. UMMA HABIBA (Supervisor Resigned May-2020)Click Here
58A.Banu Priya17224991199July-2017Design of 2.4 GHz of RF Power Amplifier using GaN TechnologyFTDR. H. UMMA HABIBA (Supervisor Resigned May-2020)Click Here
59S.Revathy17244991270July-2017Design and Analysis of High Efficiency RectennaFTDR. H. UMMA HABIBA (Supervisor Resigned May-2020)Click Here
60J.Parimala17244991510July-2017Design of Compact High Selectivity Planar Multiband Bandpass Filter for Multiple Wireless Communication ApplicationsPT(E)DR. H. UMMA HABIBA (Supervisor Resigned May-2020)Click Here
61P. Paruthi Ilam Vazhuthi18124991359Jan-18Modified Energy Efficient Hierarchical Routing with Fuzzy Logic to improve Lifetime in WSNPT(E)Dr.A.Prasanth (Joint Supervisor)Click Here
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