About ECEA

The Electronics and Communication Engineers Association (ECEA) is a professional club with a track record of success and efficiency. In this association, we strive to work as a team to organize events and assist the development of our students' technical and non-technical skills. This platform is not only limited to ECE students but also open to students of other departments. This association is headed by Dr. G A Sathish Kumar, HOD of ECE Department, Dr. T J Jeyaprabha, Coordinator, ASP, ECE Department and Mr. Elangovan S, Assistant Coordinator, AP, ECE Department. Our office bearers have successfully organized intercollegiate events like "Make-a-thon" and our flagship event "UPAGRAHA- National Level Technical Symposium" and various in-person and online guest lectures on a variety of technical topics and webinars. A series of events like Circuit debugging, Project Expos were conducted during the academic year 2022-23 to foster students' technical knowledge. There are plenty great and exciting activities lined up for the academic year 2023–2024. The Association's main goal has always been to successfully plan events and impart as much knowledge as it can to students.

Electronics and Communication Engineers Association Office Bearers (2023 - 2024)
PresidentV.S.PrithivirajIV Year ECE C
Vice-PresidentAvinash PIV Year ECE A
SecretarySharad LIII Year ECE C
TreasurerDeepika SIII Year ECE A
Executive MembersAnish KrishnanIII Year ECE A
Dharani AIII Year ECE A
Lok Ranjan BIII Year ECE B
Kiran Yadav VIII Year ECE B
Lathikaa ShriIII Year ECE B
Udhaya KIII Year ECE C
Joint SecretaryAshwin RII Year ECE A
Kanishkamathi SII Year ECE B
Varsha PII Year ECE C

ECEA Activities 2022-23

ECEA Activities 2021-22

ECEA Activities 2020-21

ECEA Activities 2019-20

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