Funded Projects And Patents

  • A project titled "Surface modification of light metal substrates through laser texturing and coating for enhanced service life " was sanctioned a grant-in aid by AICTE under Research Promotion Sscheme to the tune of Rs. 17,94,118/- (Seven Lakhs) during September 2017.  The duration of the project is 3 years.  Dr. M. Prem Ananth is the Principal investigator and Dr. S. Ponnuvel is the Co-Principal Investigator of the project.

  • A project titled "Machinability studies on high strength temperature resistance alloys using ertical machining center" was sanctioned a grant-in aid by AICTE under MODROB scheme to the tune of Rs. 7,00,000/- (Seven Lakhs) during September 2017.  The duration of the project is 2 years.  Dr. S. Ramesh Babu, Prof. & Head is the Chief Coordinator of the project.

Four Research projects were approved and sanctioned during March-2013 under Research promotion scheme by AICTE. The details of the same are as follows.

  • "Spray characterization of Diesel and Bio diesel in CI engines " - Dr. K Pitchandi & Mr. P Raghu - grant received Rs. 14.4 lakh.[Completed]
  • Pulsed MIG welding of Magnesium alloys - Dr. N Muthukrishnan & Mr. V Gurusamy - grant received Rs. 18.0 lakh.[Completed]

  • Investigation on vibration charaxcteristics of nano silica/micro rubber reinforced carbon fibre composite structural beams - Dr. R Ramesh & Mr. C Senthamarai Kannan - grant received Rs. 9.72 lakh.

  • Machining and Modeling of Fibre reinforced Polymer composites - Dr. T Raja & Mr. V.Sridharan - grant received Rs. 12.25 lakh [Completed].

  • Experimental Investigation and ANN Modeling of Al-SiC(10p) Metal Matrix Composites Machining using PCD Insert - Dr. N. MuthuKrishnan & Mr. R. Ramanujan - Rs. 3.5 Lakh from AICTE under Research Promotion Scheme (rps) on 06-05-2009 - completed during May 2012.

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