Research Supervisors

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is recognised as a Research centre by Anna University, Chennai, for carrying out research work at Masters and Doctorate level.

Currently Six faculty members of the department are carrying out their doctoral research work at the research centres housed within the department.

Many students, at UG and PG level, use these facilities to do their final year and pre-final year project work.


The following faculty members of the department are recognised to supervise research work under ANNA University, Chennai.

  • Dr.S. Ramesh Babu, Associate Professor - Super plastic formation, Friction stir welding, Non-ferrous metal joining processes.

  • Dr.K. Pitchandi, Professor & Head - Fluid Mechanics & Machinery, Heat & Mass transfer, Thermodynamics

  • Dr.N. Muthukrishnan, Professor - Composites, Machinability study, Optimization

  • Dr.R. Ramesh, Professor - Tribology, Behaviour of Engineering Materials, Vibration

  • Dr.J. Venkatesan, Professor - I C engines, Heat transfer equipments

  • Dr.T. Raja – Professor – Materials processing and characterization, Design engineerinig.

  • Dr.S. Saravanan, Professor – I.C. Engines, Fuels and performance.

  • Dr.S. Ilaiyavel - Associate Professor - metal matrix composites, tribological characterization, multi-layer coating.

  • Dr.M. Mohandass - Associate Professor - Metal matrix composites, casting, solidification

  • Dr.M. Ananthkumar – Associate Professor – Tribology, Materials

  • Dr.M. Prem Ananth – Associate Professor – Tribology, Multi layer coatings

  • Dr.S. Ponnuvel - Associate Professor - Composites, Machining, Optimization

  • Dr.P. Raghu – Assistant Professor –I.C engines, Spray characterization, Fuels

  • Dr.C. Senthamarai Kannan - Assistant Professor - Vibrations, Design Engineering, Polymer Composites

  • Dr.V. Sridharan - Assistant Professor - Composites, Machining, Optimization

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