Society of Mechanical Engineers (SME)

The society of Mechanical Engineers provides much needed exposure to the Mechanical Engineering Students about the real life engineering problems by:

  • Organizing national level symposium
  • Arranging gust lectures&Arranging seminars of specific interest
  • Arranging Industrial Visits
  • Conducting the skill tests etc.-

 Conducting a National level technical symposium titled 'Ignition' where students from all over the country participate in various events like paper presentations, quiz, exhibitions and various technical competitions.

In addition to all the above activities, the society encourages students to participate invarious technical programs conducted by other institutions


SME activities - 2018-19 Coordinated by Dr. T.Raja.

Ignition Co-ordinators - Dr.S.Natrajan & Mr.G.Logachandar

Guest Lecture & Industrial visit - Mr. G Suresh, Mr.K.Ramprasad & Mr. M. Nishal

The activities of the Society of Mechanical Engineers (SME) for the academic year 2018-19 was inaugurated on 25/07/2018, during the Inaugural function, presided over by Dr.K.Ravichandran, Defence  Scientist,CVRDE,DRDO,Chennai-600054 

The Chief Guest lighted the Auspicious Lamp (Kuthu Vilakku) and delivered the Inaugural address. 

  1. A guest lecture on “Trending Engine And Emissions Technologies For Growing Automobile Standards Globally And In India” was delivered by Dr. Bharadwaj Sathiamoorthy, vice president and co-founder of us convertors, united states for the benefits of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year BE.Mechanical engineering students on 03/07/2018.
  2. A guest lecture on “Higher Education” was delivered by Mr. Hemant Kumar M, co founders,byju’s, Chennai.for the benefits of 3rd year BE Mechanical engineering students on 06/07/2018
  3. A guest lecture on “Prominence Of Quality In The Contemporary Industrial Scenario” was delivered by Mr.KV Ramanan, General manager, Western Thomson India ltd, Chennai for the benefits of 2nd year BE Mechanical engineering students on 17/07/2018.
  4. A guest lecture on “An Approach To The Product Development” was delivered by Dr.K.Ravichandran, Defence  Scientist, CVRDE, DRDO, Chennai-600054 for the benefits of year BE Mechanical engineering students on 25/07/2018.
  5. A guest lecture on “Ptc Creo – Advanced Cad Training And Its Role In Automobile & Heavy Industries Domain” was delivered by P.B.Sunilkumar,Technical Director,   Aksans Tech, Chennai  for the benefits of 2nd  year BE Mechanical engineering students on 31/07/2018.
  6. A guest lecture on “Transmission” was delivered by Vasanth Kumar M, Principal Member – R&D, TAFE, Chennai for the benefits of 3rd year BE Mechanical engineering students on 23/08/2018.
  7. A guest lecture on “Hydraulics and Pneumatics” was delivered by Mr. NV Robert, Managing Director, Work Flow Automation Ltd, Chennai for the benefits of 4th year BE Mechanical engineering students on 24/08/2018.
  8. A guest lecture on “TQM & Six Sigma” was delivered by Mr.A.Albert Lourduswamy for the benefits of 4th year BE Mechanical engineering students on 11/09/2018.
  9. A guest lecture on “Industry 4.0” was delivered by Mr. L.Pasupathi, Production Engineering for the benefits of 3rd year BE Mechanical engineering students on 10/10/2018.
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