Video Lectures
S:No.Course CodeCourse NameVideo lecture Link
1.BT18302Process CalculationsClick here to view
2.BT18303Basic Industrial BiotechnologyClick here to view
3.BT18304BiochemistryClick here to view
4.BT18305MicrobiologyClick here to view
5.BT18401Fluid Mechanics and Heat TransferClick here to view
6.BT18403Thermodynamics for BiotechnologistsClick here to view
7.BT18404Enzyme Technology and BiotransformationClick here to view
8.BT18501Bioprocess EngineeringClick here to view
9.BT18502Mass Transfer OperationsClick here to view
10.BT18305Molecular BiologyClick here to view
11.BT18504Protein Engineering and ProteomicsClick here to view
12.BT18601Chemical Reaction EngineeringClick here to view
13.BT18702Downstream ProcessingClick here to view
14.BT18703Bioinformatics and Computational BiologyClick here to view
15.BT 18029Molecular TherapeuticsClick here to view
16.BT18001Biophysics and Structural BiologyClick here to view
17.BT18020Plant BiotechnologyClick here to view
18.BT18022Tissue EngineeringClick here to view
19.VD18204Basics of Stem Cell TechnologyClick here to view
20.MA18455Probability and StatisticsClick here to view
Guest Lectures by Experts from Academia/Industry
S:No.DateEvent TitleExpert DetailsVideo lecture Link
113.08.2022Basics and Advanced ImmunotherapeuticsDr. Sunitha Bagawath Singh, Scientist, Immunology and Cell Biology, BioArctic AB, SwedenClick here to view
220.08.2022Clinical Drug Development - A Journey from Bench to BedsideDr. Sakthi VP Srinivasan, R&D Coordinator (Cell Therapy for COVID-19), NextCell Pharma AB, SwedenClick here to view
327.08.2022Metabolomics and its Application in the Biomarker Discovery of Chronic DiseasesDr. Sreelakshmi Sankara Narayanan, Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Biosciences, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Malaysia Click here to view
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