III Cell

Industry Institute Interaction

The Department of Biotechnology has established an Industry Institute Interaction Cell in the year 2009.

The objectives of this cell are:

In order to make progress in the above objectives, the Industry Institute Interaction Cell meeting will be conducted annually. The aim of this event is to share the viewpoints of the biotechnology associated companies with the students and to enhance the communal relations between them. This meeting would fill the gap between the industry and the students and also it would provide an opportunity to analyze the current scenario of the employment facilities. Invites experts from the industry to promote curriculum development of students and helps to meet the industrial needs of the student. Joint research programmes / training programmes and field studies could be offered by industries to the students. It would provide platform for both industries and students to share their vision and exchange their knowledge through lectures by industry experts, poster sessions by students and panel discussions.

IIIC meeting 2024

The Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC) meeting, BIOTRYST 23 - A National Biotechnology Summit was organized by Department of Biotechnology on 27.04.2024.

List of experts from industry participated in the IIIC meeting

The major points on Vision, Mission, PEOs/POs/COs, Inputs on curriculum, Possibility of expert lectures by Industry personnel at college, Opportunities for student In-plant training / Internship / Industrial visit/ Project/ Placement, Possibility of faculty training in Industry for a week, Basic training to Industry personnel at college, Faculty Consultancy / Joint projects with Industry, Signing of MoU were discussed in the meeting.

IIIC meeting 2023

The Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC) meeting organized by Department of Biotechnology on 16.05.2023.

List of experts from industry participated in the IIIC meeting

IIIC meeting 2021

The Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC) meeting organized by Department of Biotechnology on 15.05.2021.

List of Companies Participated in the IIIC meeting

After the IIIC meeting the mock placement interview was conducted by the industry experts to the students of biotechnology department to give placement/interview experience to the students.

IIIC Meeting 2019:

The Department of Biotechnology conducted "BIOTRYST 2019 - A National Biotechnology summit" sponsored by M/s. Levim Biotech LLP, M/s. LifeCell International Private Limited, M/s. Manya - The Princeton Review and Janaki Scientific Company during 24.01.2019 - 25.01.2019.

List of Companies participated in the BIOTRYST 2019

Industrial Visit Details

BatchYear/SemName of the CompanyDate of the Visit
2023 - 2024
2023-2027I/IITiruthani Cooperative Sugar Mills Pvt. Ltd., Thiruvalangadu.06.03.2024
2022-2026II/IVCentral Footwear Training Institute, Guindy, Chennai.09.04.2024
2021-2025III/VIBioscience Research Foundation Sengadu, Kanchipuram.22.03.2024
2020-2024IV/VIIIAURA Biotechnologies Ayanambakkam, Chennai14.02.2024
2023-2027I / IDCM Dairy TCMPF Ltd., Madhavaram, Chennai.05.01.2024
2022-2026II/IIIShrimpex Biotech Services Private Ltd., Chennai17.11.2023
2023-2025PG I / ISynkromax Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Thirumazhisai, Chennai.17.11.2023
2022 - 2023
UG 2022-2026
PG 2022-2024
Vijay Bio Farm, Narmapallam.14.06.2023
UG 2021-2025
PG 2022-2024
Synkromax Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Thirumazhisai, Chennai.16.11.2022
UG 2020-2024II/VHatsun Dairy Industry Pvt Ltd., Kanchipuram.06.09.2022
UG 2019-2023V/VIIEppendorf India Limited, Chennai.30.08.2022
2021 - 2022
UG 2020-2024I/IIDCM Dairy TCMPF Ltd., Solinganallur.01.06.2022
UG 2021-2025II/IVTiruthani Cooperative Sugar Mills Pvt. Ltd., Thiruvalangadu.18.03.2022
2019 - 2020
UG 2018-2022II/IVSynkromax Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Thirumazhisai, Chennai.23.02.2020
UG 2019-2023
PG 2019-2021
PG 2018-2020
I / II
I / II
Modern Bakers (Madras) Pvt. Ltd., Madhavaram, Chennai12.03.2020
UG 2018-2022II/IIIApollo Distilleries Pvt. Ltd., Kummdipondi19.09.2019
UG 2017-2021III/VSynkromax Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Thirumazhisai, Chennai.22.08.2019
UG 2016- 2020IV/VIIEppendorf India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.16.08.2019
PG 2019-2021I / ILife Cell Pvt Ltd, Vandalur, Chennai.17.10.2019
2018 - 2019
UG 2017-2021II/IVTiruthani Cooperative Sugar Mills Pvt. Ltd., Thiruvalangadu.09.01.2019
UG 2016-2020III/VITiruthani Cooperative Sugar Mills Pvt. Ltd., Thiruvalangadu.06.02.2019
PG 2017-2019II/IVSynkromax Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Thirumazhisai, Chennai.26.03.2019
UG 2017-2021II/IIIInnovative Health Care Pvt.Ltd., Chengalpattu.14.08.2018
UG 2016-2020III/VSynkromax Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Thirumazhisai, Chennai.23.08.2018
UG 2015-2019IV/VIILife Cell Pvt Ltd, Vandalur, Chennai.02.08.2018
PG 2017-2019II/IIIAURA Biotechnologies, Ayanambakkam, Chennai13.07.2018
2017 - 2018
UG 2016-2020II/IVDCM Dairy TCMPF Ltd., Solinganallur.10.01.2018
UG 2015-2019III/VISynkromax Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Thirumazhisai, Chennai.13.02.2018
UG 2014-2018IV/VIIIEppendorf India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.06.04.2018
UG 2016-2020II/IIIUnited Breweries Pvt. Ltd., Aranvoyal, Thiruvallur.22.07.2018
UG 2015-2019III/VUltramarine Pigments Pvt. Ltd., Ranipet.23.08.2018
UG 2014-2018IV/VIILife Cell Pvt Ltd, Vandalur, Chennai11.07.2017
PG 2016-2018II/IIILife Cell Pvt Ltd, Vandalur, Chennai.
Aaranya Biosciences Pvt.Ltd., Siruseri.
PG 2016-2018I / IDCM Dairy TCMPF Ltd., Solinganallur.
Bhabha Clinical Genomic and Research Center, Chennai.
PG 2016-2018II / IIIMedline Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Chennai26.02.2018
2016 - 2017
UG 2015-2019II/IVPioneer Aquaculture Consultants Chennai.12.01.2017
UG 2014-2018III/VIKaleeswari Refinery Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.03.02.2017
UG 2013-2017IV/VIIIEppendorf India Limited, Chennai.07.02.2017
UG 2016-2020I/IKaleeswari Refinery Pvt., Ltd., Chennai.24.08.2016
UG 2015-2019II/IIIDCM Dairy TCMPF Ltd., Solinganallur.22.07.2016
UG 2015-2019II/IIIMedline Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Chennai22.07.2016
UG 2014-2018III/VHatsun Dairy Industry Pvt Ltd., Kanchipuram.22.08.2016
UG 2013-2017IV/VIIHarsha Exports, Chennai.04.08.2016
PG 2015-2017II/IIIDCM Dairy TCMPF Ltd., Solinganallur.
Padmaa Devi Sugar Mills Pvt. Ltd., Palayaseevaram
PG2015-2017II/IIIMedline Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Padmaa Devi Distillries Pvt. Ltd., Palayaseevaram
Padmaa Devi Power Plant, Palayaseevaram
PG 2016-2018I / IPadmaa Devi Sugar Mills Pvt. Ltd., Palayaseevaram
Padmaa Devi Distillries Pvt. Ltd., Palayaseevaram
Padmaa Devi Power Plant, Palayaseevaram
2015 - 2016
UG 2015-2019I/IIHarsha Exports, Chennai.09.04.2016
UG 2014-2018II/IVTiruthani Cooperative Sugar Mills, Thiruvalangadu.01.04.2016
UG 2014-2018II/IIIPallavaram Tanners Industrial Effluent Treatment Co. Ltd, Chennai.06.08.2015
UG 2013-2017III/VKaleeswari Refinery Pvt., Ltd., Chennai.25.03.2016
2014 - 2015
UG 2014-2018I/IIUnited Breweries, Aranvoyal, Thiruvallur17.04.2015
UG 2013-2017II/IVTiruthani Cooperative Sugar Mills, Thiruvalangadu.10.04.2015
UG 2012-2016III/VILife Cell Pvt Ltd,Vandalur,Chennai04.03.2015
UG 2013-2017II/IIISymrise Pvt Ltd,Semmancheri, Chennai04.09.2014
UG 2012-2016III/VInnovative Health Care Pvt.Ltd.,Chengalpattu.05.09.2014
UG 2011-2015IV/VIILife Cell Pvt Ltd, Vandalur, Chennai05.09.2014
2013 - 2014
UG 2012-2016II/IIIDCM Dairy TCMPF Ltd., Solinganallur.27.09.2013
UG 2011-2015III/VInnovative Health Care Pvt. Ltd., Chengalpattu.23.09.2013
UG 2010-2014IV/VIICoca-Cola Company, Nemam Unit-Thiruvallur.13.09.2013
2012 - 2013
UG 2010-2014III/VIPannikara Oil Mill, Calicut08.03.2012-11.03.2012
UG 2011-2015II/IIIOrchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals,Alandur.10.10.2012
UG 2010-2014III/VDCM Dairy TCMPF Ltd., Madhavaram18.09.2012
UG 2009-2013IV/VIIMalladi Drugs & Pharmaceutical Ltd., Ranipet.15.10.2012
2011 - 2012
UG 2010-2014II/IVBalaji Distilleries Ltd, Chennai.06.01.2012
UG 2009-2013II/IVTiruthani Cooperative Sugar Mills Pvt., Ltd., Thiruvalangadu.09.03.2012
UG 2009-2013III/VITata Coffee Pvt., Ltd., Coorg, Biocon Bangalore.17.02.2012-18.02.2012
PG 2011-2013I/IITex Biosciences, Meppadu13.03.2012
UG 2010-2014II/IIIMadras Veterinary College, Vepery.05.08.2011
UG 2009-2013III/VDCM Dairy TCMPF Ltd., Solinganallur.18.08.2011
UG 2008-2012IV/VIIMadras Veterinary College, Vepery.31.07.2011
PG 2011-2013I/IMediclone Biotech Pvt., Ltd.,01.12.2012
2010 - 2011
UG 2008-2012III/VITata Coffee Pvt., Ltd., Coorg, Biocon Bangalore.04.02.2011-08.02.2011
UG 2009-2013II/IVOrchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Alandur.03.02.2011
UG 2010-2014I/ILarsen & Tourbo Ltd., Kancheepuram.10.12.2010
PG 2010-2012I/IIOrchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Alandur.03.02.2011
UG 2009-2013II/IIIParle Agro Factory, Madhavaram.09.08.2010
UG 2008-2012III/VMalladi Drugs & Pharmaceutical Ltd., Ranipet.31.08.2010
UG 2007-2011IV/VIISpic Pharmaceutical Division, Cuddlaore.27.08.2010
2009 - 2010
UG 2009-2013I/IIPaper Mill, Manapakkam05.04.2010
UG 2008-2012II/IVSpic Pharmaceutical Division, Cuddlaore.23.02.2010
2008 - 2009
UG 2007-2011III/VITata Coffee Pvt., Ltd., Coorg, Biocon Bangalore.07.02.2010-10.02.2010
UG 2007-2011III/VMadras Fertilizers Ltd., Manali.06.10.2009
UG 2006-2010IV/VIIMalladi Drugs & Pharmaceutical Ltd., Ranipet.21.08.2009
UG 2006-2010III/VITata Coffee Pvt., Ltd., Coorg, Biocon Bangalore, Britania Pvt., Ltd., Bangalore.07.02.2009-10.02.2009
UG 2007-2011II/IIIVCRC-Vector Control Research Center, Pondicherry.09.08.2008
UG 2006-2010III/VThe Waterbase Ltd., Nellore.13.08.2008
UG 2006-2010III/VEID Parry Ltd., Cuddalore09.09.2008
UG 2005-2009IV/VIIStedman Pharmaceutical Pvt., Ltd., Chennai.03.10.2008
2007 - 2008
UG 2005-2009III/VICCMB, CDFD, Dr.Reddy’s Lab, Hyderabad.30.01.2008-02.02.2008
UG 2006-2010II/IVSpic Pharmaceutical Division, Cuddlaore.21.01.2008
UG 2005-2009III/VParis Dakner Microspherules Pvt., Ltd., Gumm mudipoondi.06.09.2007
UG 2005-2009III/VRom Vijay Biotech Pvt., Ltd., Pondicherry.11.10.2007
2006 - 2007
UG 2005-2010II/IVCLRI (Central Leather Research Institute), Chennai.06.09.2006
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