Patents and Funded Projects


Application Number / Patent NumberName of the InventorsTitle of the InventionStatus of PatentDate of FilingDate of Grant / Publishing
202241040267Dr. Praveen Kumar PKBacillus cereus can cause experimental Endophthalmitis, which can be treated with Moxifloxacin with or without dexamethasonePublished13/07/202222/07/2022
201941022368 / 388067Prof. E. Nakkeeran Ms. N. Sanyuktha Mr. S.P Arunram Mr. M. Nishal Sri Venkateswara College of EngineeringPreparation of Rice Starch Based Biodegradable FilmGranted06/06/201931/01/2022
201841006326Dr. A. Senthil Nagappan Sri Venkateswara College of EngineeringRapid Preparation of Fatty Acids from Wet Microalgae BiomassPublished20/02/201823/08/2019
201941036882Dr. S. Prabhu Ms. A. Punithavathi Ms V. Sandhya Mr. A.C. Atul Sri Venkateswara College of EngineeringEntrapment of Mangiferin Polylactic Co Glycolic Acid Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Lung CancerPublished13/09/201919/03/2021

Research Grants

Name of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator/ Co InvestigatorName of the Funding agencyYear of AwardFunds Received (INR in lakhs)Duration of the projectCompletion Status
Efficacy of HSP90 mitochondrial targeting of Withanolide A & Withaferin A in Hepatocellular carcinomaDr. P.K. Praveen Kumar Mentor: Prof. M. Michael Gromiha, IITMScience and Engineering Research Board (SERB) - Teacher Associateship for Research Excellence (TARE) Fellowship, GoI2021-202218.33 yearsOngoing
Nano Erythrocyte Membrane coated Liposome for the Withaferin A and Asparaginase Delivery in Leukemic CellMr. J. HariharanTamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai (TNSCST)2021-20220.0756 monthsCompleted
Cloning and expression of Human Intrleukin-2 gene in probiotic Lactobacillus casei.Prof. M. Sivanandham Dr.V.SumithaTamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai (TNSCST)2021-20220.0756 monthsCompleted
Exploration of an EPS from Earthworm Gut Bacterium for Heavy metals removal PotentialMr.S. NagavigneshTamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai (TNSCST)2021-20220.0756 monthsCompleted
Metabolic Engineering approaches for hyaluronic acid production in Lactobacillus lactisDr. V. Sumitha Mentor: Prof. Guhan Jayaraman, IITMScience and Engineering Research Board (SERB) - Teacher Associateship for Research Excellence (TARE) Fellowship, GoI2020-202118.33 yearsOngoing
Metagenome derived nitroreductase for degradation of nitro compoundsDr. K. DivakarDST-INSPIRE, Department of Science and Technology, GoI2014-201590.746 YearsOngoing
Green synthesis of improved niosomal formulation with Indian herb oils against arthropod pestsAswin Jeno JG Mentor: Prof. E. NakkeeranCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), GoI2019-202014.2083 yearsCompleted
Induction of apoptosis in cancer cells by phytol for cancer treatmentDr. S. Pandi PrabhaTamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai (TNSCST)2019-20200.0756 MonthsCompleted
Vaccine development against Nipha virus by Reverse vaccinology approachDr P.K Praveen kumarTamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai (TNSCST)2018-20190.0756 MonthsCompleted
Assessment of IL-6 in a scaffold free 3D coculture of MCF 7 and MSC in core shell patternProf. Nalinkanth V GhoneTamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai (TNSCST)2018-20190.0756 MonthsCompleted
Efficient and selective chromium and cadmium sequestration from ground water using extracellular polymeric substances extracted from rhizhobium sp; adsorption behaviour and mechanism assessmentMr. S. Naga VigneshTamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai (TNSCST)2018-20190.0756 MonthsCompleted
Engineering custom made personalized bone graft using nanotubular clay-biopolymer composite and human mesenchymal stem cellsProf. Nalinkanth V GhoneScience and Engineering Research Board (SERB)- Department of Science and Technology (DST), GoI2017-201840.8373 YearsCompleted
Therapeutic assessment of novel Phospholipid based nanomaterial loaded essential oil from indian spicesDr. A. Kalaiselvi Mentor: Prof. E. NakkeeranScience and Engineering Research Board (SERB)- Department of Science and Technology (DST)2017-201819.22 YearsCompleted
A study on biosorption mechanism of various microbial sources isolated from heavy metal polluted soil and aquatic environment samples for comprehensive database construction to study the consequence of numerous microorganisms in combination against various pollutants for extracting the best microbial systems as heavy metal contamination alleviatorsMr. S. Naga VigneshDepartment of Biotechnology (DBT), GoI2017-201881 YearCompleted
Design and Construction of Novel Genetic Circuits using Temperature and pH based Regulatory Parts
Students project competition Presentation in iGEM 2017 competition at Hynes Convention Center, Boston, USA
Prof. M Sivanandham
Dr Prof. Nalinkanth V. Ghone Prof. R.B. Narayanan
(a)M/s. Lucas-TVS- Rs.5,00,000
(b) Lifecell International Pvt. Ltd. – Rs. 1,00,000
(c) Eppendorf India Pvt Ltd. - Rs. 10,000
(d) Genvams Trust - Rs. 10,000 e)Levim Biotech – Rs. 1,00,000
2017-20187.21 YearCompleted
Molecular metagenomics of lipase production for enzymatic transesterification of leather solid waste for bio diesel productionDr.E.NakkeranTamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai (TNSCST)2017-20180.16 months Completed
Callus development in Coriandrum sativum L., and flavour component analysisMr.T.IlavarasuTamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai (TNSCST)2016-20170.11 Year Completed
Synthesis and delivery of cationic antimicrobial peptides as a novel system for the prevention of milk spoilage'Prof. M. Sivanandham Prof. Nalinkanth V GhoneDepartment of Biotechnology (DBT), GoI2016-201751 YearCompleted
Evaluation of Soil Contamination with Extended Spectrum of Beta Lactamase (ESBL) Producing Micro- organisms from the environment of Hospital Area and the Molecular Characterization of ESBL ProducersProf. Sulochana SomasundaramIndian Council for Medical Research, GoI2014-201515.633 yearsCompleted

Conference / Workshop Grants

YearProgramme NameFunding AgencyAmount (Rs)Faculty Coordinator
2021-2022Popular Lectures in Biotechnology on Anti Cancer Drug DiscoveryDepartment of Biotechnology, GoI8000Dr. PK. Praveen Kumar Dr. G. Karthigadevi
2020-2021National Workshop on Genomics data science in precision medicine designCSIR, GoI25000Dr. PK. Praveen Kumar
2020-2021Functional Metagenomics and Bioprocessing of Therapeutic Enzymes (FMBTE - 2021)AICTE, GoI396667Prof. E. Nakkeeran Dr. K. Divakar Ms. R. Rathna
2018-2019National Conference on Innovations in TB DiagnosticsIndian Council for Medical Research, GoI30000Prof. R.B. Narayanan Mr. D. Suresh Kumar Mr. PK. Praveen Kumar Mr. N. Sathish
2018-2019National Workshop on Foldscope & Its ApplicationsDepartment of Biotechnology, GoI1,00,000Mr.S.Naga Vignesh Ms.P. Jaibiba
2017-2018National Conference of Biology and Therapy of InfectionsIndian Council for Medical Research, GoI40000Prof. R.B. Narayanan Ms. S. Pandi Prabha Ms.N.Kanagam
2017-2018National Workshop On Research Investigations in Laboratory Small Animals and Ethical PracticesCSIR & ICMR, GoI65000Dr. S. Prabhu
2017-2018Faculty Development Programme on Stem Cell Characterization and Advances in its Research and Applications AICTE, GoI457966Prof. Nalinkanth V. Ghone Mr. J.Hariharan
2017-2018Energy Biogenesis-A National workshop on metabolic approaches for bioenergy generation CSIR & DBT, GOI90000Prof. M. Sivanandham Ms. V. Sumitha
2016-2017National level workshop on Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for the Determination of Immunological Binders M/s. Janaki Scientific Company, Chennai13000Dr. E. Nakkeeran Mr. D. Suresh Kumar
2016-2017National level workshop on Metabonomics- Analytical and Bioanalytical Methods on Development of Biomarkers for Drug Discovery and Safety Department of Biotechnology, GoI50000Ms. S. Pandi Prabha Ms.N.Kanagam
2016-2017Popular Lectures on Biotechnology Department of Biotechnology, GoI49243Prof. E. Nakkeeran Mr.S.Naga Vignesh
2016-2017National level workshop on Understanding the Molecular Aspects of Microbial Drug Resistance: An Emerging Microbial Threat to Health DBT & ICMR, GoI100000Prof. Sulochana Somasundaram Mr. N. Sathish
2016-2017National level workshop on Contemporary Research in Genetic Engineering DBT & ICMR, GoI90000Dr. S. Prabhu Mr. J.Hariharan
2015-2016National Workshop on Food Safety and Quality Control DBT, GoI & Cognizant Technology Solutions60000Prof. E. Nakkeeran Ms.P. Jaibiba
2014-2015National Workshop on Current Research in Molecular Toxicology Department of Biotechnology, GoI30000Dr. S. Prabhu Ms. S. Pandi Prabha
2014-2015 International Travel Grant For attending International Conference on Biology, Environment and Chemistry (ICBEC 2014) organized by the Asia-Pacific Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering ociety (APCBEES) at San Diego, USA.SERB-DST, GoI143428Prof. E. Nakkeeran
2014-2015National Level Short-Term Training Course on Techniques for Bioprocess & Downstream Process Engineering and Tools for Systems Metabolic Engineering Department of Biotechnology, GoI4,15,000Dr. E. Nakkeeran Mr.S.Naga Vignesh
2013-2014National workshop on Isolation, Characterization and Differentiation of Stem Cells ICMR & DBT, GoI90000Dr. Nalinkanth V. Ghone Mr.S.Naga Vignesh
2013-2014National Level Technical Workshop on Pilot Scale mammalian cell culture using wave bioreactor GE Health Care India20000Prof. M. Sivanandham Ms. V. Sumitha
2013-2014International Travel Grant For attending the conference on Biological and Medical Sciences (ICBMS-2014), Kula Lumpur, Malaysia.CSIR14125Mr. P. K. Praveen Kumar
2013-2014Climate Change & Biodiversity: Awareness Workshop for School ChildrenNCSTC, DST137500Prof. M. Sivanandham Dr. E. Nakkeeran
2013-2014Faculty Development Programme on Entrepreneurship Development in Biotechnology NSTEDB, EDII, DST, GoI175000Dr. E. Nakkeeran Mr. J.Hariharan
2013-2014National workshop on Emerging Trends in Molecular & Recombinant DNA Technology Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), GoI20000Dr. S. Prabhu Mr. J.Hariharan
2010-2011National Workshop on Recent trends in instrumentation for quality control and quality assurance in bioprocess industriesTNSCST10000Prof. M. Sivanandham Dr. S. Prabhu
2009-2010National workshop on Real-Time PCR for the diagnosis of diseases and molecular evaluationEppendorf India25000Prof. M. Sivanandham Prof. Sulochana Somasundaram
2008-2009National Conference on Current Trends in BiomaterialsDBT-GOI, New Delhi56968Prof. M. Sivanandham Dr. S. Prabhu
2007-2008National Workshop on Developing Entrepreneurship Skills in Biotechnology For Students and Their ParentsTNSCST20000Prof. M. Sivanandham Ms. U. Sathya

Intramural Research Grants

YearProject NameFunding SchemeAmount (Rs)Name of the Guide and Student
2022-2023Cosmeceutical perspective of marine polysaccharides for skin aging applicationsSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide:
Dr. G. Karthigadevi
M.Tech Student:
Ms. Abi Sherlin
2022-2023Comparative analysis of medicinal herb hepatotoxicity in zebra fish larvae using gene expression analysisSVCE Intramural Student Project9500Guide:
Dr. S. Pandi Prabha
M.Tech Student:
Mr. S. Deva
2022-2023Genomic and nutritional analysis of fermented coconut milkSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide:
Dr. K. Divakar
M.Tech Student:
Ms Jeeva Dhanushya
2021-2022Augmenting vaccine efficacy by IL-2 encoded Lactobacillus casei as an adjuvant invitro immunomodulatory effects Andrographics paniculata extract on cytokine gene expression and cell proliferation in human pheripheral blood monocuclear cellsSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide : Prof M Sivanandham Co-Guide Name: Dr. V. Sumitha M.Tech student: Ms. Sowmya
2021-2022Synthesis, characterization and self-assembly of bio-nanosurfactants in biomedical applicationsSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide : Dr.G.Karth igadevi M.Tech student: Ms. R. Nivedha
2021-2022Metagenomic analysis of Mobile Genetic Elements from Antimicrobial Resistance Hot Spots in Cooum River.SVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide :Dr. K. Divakar M.Tech student: Ms. T. Amrutha
2021-2022Preparation and characterization of diosgenin-loaded liposomes for drug delivery in breast cancer cellsSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide : Mr. Hariharan J M.Tech student: Ms. Firdous Mujeeb
2021-2022Molecular docking and In vitro evaluation of anti-microbial potential of phytochemicals and phytopeptides against food spoiling microbesSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide : Dr.K. Divakar M.Tech student: Ms. Dharshene K
2021-2022Invitro immunomodulatory effect of Andrographis Paniculata extract on cytokine gene expression and cell proliferation in human peripheral blood mononuclear cellSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide : Ms. R. Rathna B.Tech student: Ms. S. Aishwarya Ms. M. Deepika
2020-2021Production and Purification of Naringinase from Aspergillus nigerSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide Name: Dr. K. Divakar
B.Tech student:
Ms. B. Karpagam
Ms. M. Lakshmi
2019-2020Evaluation of osteogenic differentiation potential of Piper betle and Cissus quadrangularis on MSCsSVCE Intramural Student ProjectGuide Name: Prof. Nalinkanth V Ghone/ Mr. J. Hariharan
B.Tech student:
Ms. G. Akshatha
Ms. Suvanshi
2018-2019Entrapment of mangiferin in PLGA nanoparticles and its invitro anticancer activity in lung cancer cell lineSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide : Dr. S. Prabhu
M.Tech student:
Ms. A. Punithavathi
2018-2019Nipah Virus Vaccine design by reverse Vaccinology approachSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide : Mr. P. K. Praveen Kumar Co-Guide :
Prof. M. Sivanandham B.Tech student: Arthi. U Subashree. S
2017-2018Effect of With anolide A treated Dendritic cells on T cell proliferation.SVCE Intramural Student Project9500Guide : Prof. M. Sivanandham Mentor : Mr. P. K. Praveen Kumar B.Tech student: Devapriya.S Karthik Raj.B.N.
2017-2018Purification of Geraniol by Novel Chromatography for Therapeutic ApplicationsSVCE Intramural Student Project2,50,000Guide: Ms. S.Pandi Prabha Co- Guide: Ms. N. Kanagam Incubattee: Mr. Aswin Jeno J G
2017-2018Converting Sugarcane bagasse into cost effective poultry feedSVCE Intramural Student Project258000Guide: Prof. M. Sivanandham Co- Guide: Ms. V. Sumitha Incubattee: Mr. Arun R
2017-2018Essential Oil mediated Biogenic Nanoparticle Activity against mosquito larvaeSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide Name:
Prof. E. Nakkeeran
M.Tech student: Mr. Aswin Jeno J G
2016-2017Design and Construction of Novel Genetic Circuits using Temperature and pH based Regulatory Parts Students project competition Presentation in iGEM 2017 competition at Hynes Convention Center, Boston, USASVCE Intramural Student Project200000Guide :
Prof. M. Sivanandham Prof. R.B. Narayanan Prof. Nalinkanth V Ghone Team: iGEM 2017 Biotech students
2016-2017Studies on trophic effects of mouse mesenchymal stem cells on breast cancer cell line using micro and nano patterned topographySVCE Intramural Student Project640000Prof. Nalinkanth V Ghone
2016-2017Engineering MSC Derived bone tissue using 3D printed PCL scaffold and Litsea glutinosa Bark extractSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide :
Prof. Nalinkanth V Ghone
M.Tech student:
Ms. N. Anuradha
2016-2017Effect of Boeravinone B on DCs - T-Cell InteractionSVCE Intramural Student Project9000Guide : Prof. M. Sivanandham
Mentor : Mr. P. K. Praveen Kumar B.Tech student: S. Naresh kumar M. Akila
2016-2017Synthesis and delivery of cationic antimicrobial peptides as a novel system for the prevention of milk spoilage-Students project competition presentation in iGEM 2016 competition at Hynes Convention Center, Boston, USASVCE - iGEM1,00,000Guide : Prof. M. Sivanandham
Dr. Nalinkanth V Ghone Team: i GEM 2016 Biotech students
2015-2016Characterization of IgG 1 SvFv reactive to L1 protein of Human Papiloma virusSVCE Intramural Student Project15000Guide : Prof. M. Sivanandham M.Tech student: Mr. M. X. Anish Theodore
2015-2016Gene cloning of accD gene for the production of fatty acids to synthesize flavonoidsSVCE Intramural Student Project10500Guide : Dr. S. Prabhu M.Tech student: Ms. Jaya Ramya
2015-2016Value added products from Catus PearSVCE Intramural Student Project9000Guide Name: Dr. E. Nakkeeran B.Tech student: Ms. Jayasupriya Ms. Rajalakshmi
2015-2016MINICINS project in Synthetic Biology-Students project competition presentation in iGEM 2015 competition at Hynes Convention Center, Boston, USASVCE iGEM130000Mentor : Prof. M. Sivanandham Dr. Nalinkanth V Ghone Team: i GEM 2015 Biotech students
2014-2015Cloning of Human Interleukin-2 gene into a mammalian expression vector using a pUC19 vector as an intermediate systemSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide : Prof. M. Sivanandham M.Tech student: Ms. V. Gayathri
2014-2015Comparative probiotic analysis of encapsulated and non-encapsulated Bacillus subtilis sporesSVCE Intramural Student Project10000Guide : Dr. Nalinkanth V Ghone B.Tech student: Ms. Krithika Shankar Ms. G. Sangavi
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