Research Activities

In the following areas the projects are being carried out in the Bio technology Department.

  1. Development of collagen scaffold for dendritic cell culture
  2. Cellulosic Ethanol production from biomass waste using Clostridium thermicellum
  3. Production and optimization of protease from Proteus vulgaris
  4. Conversion of glycerol to lactic acid
  5. Uses of sugarcane bagasse for poultry field manufacturing
  6. Insilico studies on human IL2
  7. Production of monoclonal antibodies in mice against human lymphocytes
  8. Immunomodulatory effects of mangiferrin
  9. Synthesis of N-Benzhydryl Benzamide that mimics CD 40 L Binding site
  10. Synthesis of Ammonium benzoyl trimethyl chloride that mimics CD 40 L Binding site
  11. Plant compound activation in cancer cells


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