Lesson Plan

B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Lesson & Lab Plan for the Academic year 2023-2024, Odd Semester
III Semester Courses
Course CodeCourse NameName of the Faculty (Section A, Section B
MA22354Mathematics for Electrical EngineersDr. J. Vijayarangam , Dr. B. Saravanan
EE22301Electrical Machines - IMs. K. Suganthi, Mr. V. Karthikeyan
EE22302Electric Power SystemDr. R. Kannadasan, Dr. S. Kumaravel
EE22303Electromagnetic TheoryMs. S. Akila, Dr. N.K. Mohanty
EE22308Digital Logic Circuits: Theory and PracticesMr. D.S. Purushothaman , Dr. KR Santha
EE22309Electron Devices and Circuits: Theory and PracticesMs. M. Sasikala, Dr. E. Naveen Kumar
EE22311Electrical Machines - I LaboratoryMs. K. Suganthi, Mr. V. Karthikeyan
V Semester Courses
Course CodeCourse NameName of the Faculty (Section A, Section B
EE18501Power System AnalysisDr. R. Kannadasan, Mr. I. Arun Abhishek
EE18502Power ElectronicsMs. S. Akila, Mr. S. Thamizmani
EE18503Microprocessors and MicrocontrollersDr. T. Annamalai, Dr. D. Amudhavalli
CS18551Programming and Data Structures Ms. N. Uma, Dr. A. Indumathi
EE18505Digital Signal ProcessingDr. S.S. Sethuraman, Dr. R. J. Venkatesh
EE18003Design of Electrical Apparatus (PE-1)Mr. S. Sudharsanam
EE18009Energy Management and Auditing (PE-1) Mr. S. Thamizmani
EE18011IoT for Electrical Engineers (PE-1)Dr. S. Arulmozhi
EE18511Power Electronics LaboratoryMs. S. Akila, Mr. S. Thamizmani
EE18512Microprocessors and Microcontrollers LaboratoryDr. R. J. Venkatesh, Dr. D. Amudhavalli
CS18561Programming and Data Structures LaboratoryMs. N. Uma, Dr. A. Indumathi
VII Semester Courses
Course CodeCourse NameName of the Faculty (Section A, Section B
GE18551Principles of ManagementDr. C. Gopinath, Dr. R. Karthikeyan
EE18701Protection and SwitchgearDr. C. Venkatesan, Dr. S.G. Bharathidasan
EE18702VLSI and Embedded SystemsDr. R. J. Venkatesh, Dr. Sudhakar K Bharatan
EE18703Electric VehiclesDr. C. Kamal, Dr. S. Arulmozhi
EE18704Wind and Solar Energy SystemsDr. S.S. Sethuraman, Dr. N. Shanmugavadivu
EE18711Project Work IMs. K. Suganthi
EE18712Advanced Electrical Engineering LaboratoryDr. C. Venkatesan, Dr.M.Sankar
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