Department Library

Books pertaining to EEE departement in the Central Library

1. Noof Books: 2331 Titles and 10356 books.
2. Noof Journals : National – 22(Including PG) PG – 6
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InternationalJournal : 48 (PG - 19)
Department Purchase AY2016-17 :  70 books
Department Purchase AY2017-18 :  485 books
The department library houses506 books in the various topics releated to Control Systems, Mechatronics,Basic Circuits, Electrical and Electronics and all specific topics related tothe department. The library also holds reference books in the areas of Powerelectronics, Power Systems for the UG, PG and the research scholars.The projectreport of UG and PG students are also maintained in the department library,which are very useful for the final year students for reference and furtherresearch in a particular field.
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