The College is a pioneer in starting Marine Engineering as an undergraduate degree programme through the University of Madras. This college is the first engineering college in India to get approval by Director General of Shipping, Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India to start the four year B.E. Marine Engineering course. The students after graduation, will be able to join as fifth engineers on board ship.

This programme is the first of its kind in India and was started in 1998. To give adequate training and to create confidence in the students to meet the challenges expected at sea after joining in the ship as fifth/Junior Engineers, we give more emphasis in practical training .To this effect the department is equipped with the state of art facilities.Some of the major eqiupments are as follows

Marine Propulsion Laboratory

Main engine jacket,  water cooler

Main propulsion engine

DG Set Caterpillar

Generator Panel Board

ELGI air compressor

MS Tanks with necessary piping

Main engine air stop valve and electric panel

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

Marine Piston 2 stroke for sluzer

Cross Head Bearings with guide

Piston rod with stuffing box

Deck air compressor bottles

Elgi Air based mounted Air compressor


Dismantling and Assembly Laboratory

Governor wood ward make

Sewage Plant

Vertical 2 stage pump

Screw Pump

Oily Water Separator

Refrigeration Plant

Steering gear Complete

Reciprocating Pump

Composite Boiler

Deck air compressor

Fresh water generator

Cargo winch

Air conditioning plant

Chemical Tanker pump

Turbine pump complete unit

Sulzer M/E complete head

Sulzer M/E piston

Sulzer M/E liner

Marine generator set (Yamaha) Alternator

Main Switch Board


Heat Exchanger


Welding and Fitting Laboratory

Maximig 400 A Welding set

AOL make TIG Control unit

Welding rectifier throluxe

Trans Puls Synergic (with Pulsing ) welding Machine (for welding Research Cell)

Fronius Make Cold Transfer Welding Machine

Automated Welding Table

Welding Machine 400 Amps Model - TPA-403

Microrickers Hardness Tester with Turret and Digital Eye piece encoder with camera and hardness software

Metallurgical Microscope with image analysis software with polarize and analyzer


Fire Fighting and Hydraulics Laboratory

Fixed CO2 fire fighting system

Fire alarm panel two zones conventional type


Cargo Smoke Sampling Alarm

Portable Pump with engine

Solenoid Valve Hydraulic

Demonstration  unit of pneumatic transparent components

Hydraulic power pack with pump, motor, distributor  and  magnetic drain plug


Seamanship and Navigation Laboratory

Raca Decca 24090 Radar set with display unit

Life Boat with launching davits

Ship Mast



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