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Marine Engineering Students Association Office Bearers


The office-bearers of the Marine Engineering Students Association for the academic year 2019 – 20 is constituted as follows:

President               -           Mr. P.Narendraraja, B.E., (Marine) Final Year,

Secretary               -           Mr.Deeraj Saravan S H, B.E., (Marine) Final Year,

Joint Secretary       -           Mr.J Shyam Ganesh, B.E., (Marine) Third Year,

Treasurer               -           Mr. Sanjai Raj S T, B.E., (Marine) Second Year,


Activities 2019-20

1. Guest Lecture titled “Job Opportunities for Freshers in Marine Industry and Spams in the Process” by Dr. Rajesh Reguram B, Director - UMAII Ship Manning Services, Chennai held on 2nd January 2020.


2. Guest Lecture titled “Duties and Responsibilities of Chief Engineer and Duty Engineer during Cargo Operation” by Mr. Vincent Raj S, Chief Engineer - D’Amico Ship Ishima India Private Limited, Mumbai held on 24th October 2019.


3. Guest Lecture titled "Emergency Preparedness"  by Mr. Veera Samy K, Alumina (Mechanical Engineering-SVCE), Chief Engineer - MSI Ship Management held on 07th August 2019.


4. SAIL SYNERGY ‘19, a national level technical symposium conducted by Dept. of Marine Engineering was inaugurated by Cdr. L GANESH, DEPUTY WARSHIP PRODUCTION SUPERINTENDENT, INDIAN NAVY, VISAKHAPATNAM held on 26th September 2019.


Activities 2018-19

  • Association of Marine Engineers organized guest lectures by inviting eminent people from Industry and Academic Institution.  


  • N.V.Suresh, Vice President and DPA, Sea Port Shipping, Chennai delivered guest lecture in the title of “Post state control inspection (PSC)-Awareness required by junior engineers” on 10thOctober 2017.


  • S.Krishnamurthi Executive Vice President-Operations (Technical), Sanmar Shipping Limited delivered lecture   on “Maritime labor convention 2006 (MLC-2006)-Salient features” on21st March 2018.

Activities 2017-18

  • Association of Marine Engineers organized guest lectures by inviting eminent people from Industry and Academic Institution.  


  • Latha A Kumar, General Manager – Personnel, Sanmar Shipping delivered guest lecture in the title of “Expectations from prospective employers from the Trainee Marine Engineer” on 3rdFebruary 2017.


  • B.Arivalzhagan, Scientific Officer – Material Testing Division, IGCAR, Kalpakkam delivered lecture in the title of “Welding Techniques applicable to Marine Engineers”  on 24thFebruary 2017.


  • Capt.G.S.Ranganathan, Master Mariner, GKM Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology delivered lecture in the title of “Impact of ISM, STCW and PSC on seafarers” on 26th July 2017.


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