Revenue Generated through Consultancy and Laboratory testing by Welding Research Cell

Academic YearRevenue Generated in Rs
2019-2010,000 (in-progress)


S. No.WorkPerson NameCollege NameReceipt No and dateConsultancy Charges
1Wire Arc Additive manufacturing of steelMr VV Narayana ReddyNIT WarangalMF/R/21/5356- 13.08.202125,000
2Wire Arc Additive manufacturing of stainless steelMr PS GowthamPSNA College of Enginering MF/R/21/5440- 27.08.202115,000
4CMT welding of Nickel AlloysMr NithyandanPanimalar Engineering CollegeMF/R/21/5474- 01.09.20215664
5Wire Arc Additive manufacturing of Nickel AlloysMr Salman KhanAnnamalai UniversityMF/R/21/5664- 09.09.202110000
6Wire Arc Additive manufacturing of stainless steelMr M BhomminathanPSNA College of Enginering MF/R/21/6970 - 14.12.20213000
7Wire Arc Additive manufacturing of stainless steelMr VV Narayana ReddyNIT WarangalMF/R/21/7210- 01.01.20225000


S. No.WorkPerson NameCollege NameReceipt No and dateConsultancy Charges
1Wire Arc Additive manufacturing -308 LMr GowthamPSNA College of Enginering MF/R/20/3977- 19.02.202122,500
2Cladding Using 308 LJeeth KumarPSNA College of Enginering MF/R/21/4683- 16.03.20219,000
4CMT and TIG welding of AluminumAKash Rajalkshmi Engineering CollegeMF/R/21/4766- 18.03.20212550
5Dissimilar Welding of Aluminum Grade S DeivendranMahatma Insttute of Engg and TechMF/R/21/4927- 22.03.20212800

Consultancy Works Carried Out 2018-19 Total Revenue Generated: Rs. 39,523

S.No.Title of the WorkUniversity /InstituteRevenue Generated in Rs.
1CMT welding of Stainless steel and InconelNIT, Warangal8500
2Grain refinement through the addition of Al-Ti-Boron in Butt welded Al6351-T6 AlloysGVP College of Engineering, AP5,100
3Joining of Inconel and Stainless Steel using Cold Metal Transfer Welding processNIT, Warangal25,423
4Steel chair weldingDept. of HSSNV of Rs 600
5Pergola in the pathway (12 Frames) weldingSVCENV of Rs 72,000
6TIG welding for Project WorkDept. of MechNV of Rs.1,000
7BAJA Vehicle constructionDept. of AutNV of Rs. 2,000
8Microscopic study on Drill bitsDept. of MecNV of Rs.1,200
9Additive Manufacturing using CMT weldingDept of MecNV of Rs. 25,000
10Testing using Metallurgical MicroscopeDept. of MecNV of Rs. 2,000
11Welding work in Badminton PostDept of PEDNV of Rs. 1,000
12Repair of cooking vesselsCanteenNV of Rs. 500
13TIG welding of Bio-materialsMS ProjectNV of Rs 1,000
14Microscopic study of Automobile grade materialsDept. of MecNV of RS 2,000
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